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Oral care for our pets


Humans are not the only ones suffering from oral problems, dogs too. Our four-legged friends can suffer from severe diseases due to the accumulation of bacteria in their teeth. Bacterial plaque causes tartar over time, infection in the gums or organ problems-such as the kidneys-or trigger gastrointestinal conditions. Did you know that bacteria in the mouth are the cause of bad breath?

Bacterial plaque is a thin layer of bacteria that forms on the teeth, while tartar is a brown layer that accumulates between the teeth and gums. When tartar is not removed in time, it penetrates the bone of the teeth and causes its fall, as well as infections that cause bleeding in the gums and, in these cases, our pets can refuse food because of the pain they feel when chewing.

Just as we use time to take care of food and physical appearance, it is necessary to devote a few minutes to the oral care of pets. The teeth should be brushed at least three times a week. Although this is the most recommended technique, it can also be done with a wet gauze with warm water that wraps the fingers, and then rub gently over the teeth.

Even to keep oral bacteria to a minimum, they can be offered dental snacks when rewarding or pampering. These have to be appetizing, flexible and 100% soluble to ensure the safety of your pet if swallowed for any reason. These dental awards, as they are also known, refresh the breath, help eliminate plaque, prevent accumulation of tartar in the canine gums and to stimulate the secretion of saliva. In addition to being tasty, they are made with ingredients rich in protein and healthy fats that are easy to digest.

In Pet To Go we share these suggestions that will surely help you to improve the oral care of pets:

  • Brush your teeth daily or between one and three times a week.
  • Offering a daily dental snack will complete the effects of brushing.
  • Constantly check the color of the teeth. If tartar is observed, go to veterinary to perform a mouth cleaning.
  • Check the color of the gums. If the color is white or very red, it is a symptom of some health disorder.
  • Dental toys for dogs help preserve oral health by increasing the chew and generate saliva to eliminate bacterial plaque.

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