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Spring: intensive care period for your pet

How beautiful is spring! Blossoming, sunny days, green grass, new leaves on the trees, and lots of fun for the dogs! During this season the walks with our pets tend to be more followed and extended thanks to the weather conditions that this season gives us, and that they enjoy to the fullest. However, spring, beyond distraction, brings with it parasites and allergies that endanger our best friends.

Dogs can suffer from allergies caused by pollen from flowers or by contact with some plants, in the case of the skin. In addition, they are exposed to diseases caused by parasites, fleas or ticks that are found in green areas, in the grass and in the bushes, waiting for a four-legged peluda to feed.

Ticks and fleas, number one enemy dogs

Ticks are tiny animals that suck small amounts of blood from our pets and become real enemies when they are carriers of parasites that attack the immune system of dogs, blood cells, and trigger a series of diseases such as anemia, diseases in the kidneys, in the liver, just to name a few.

Fleas, however small they are, are capable of producing the dreaded allergic dermatitis, producing severe itching on the dog's skin. It generates scabs, scales, hair loss and redness and infection in the skin.


Mosquitoes also bite pets!

We humans are not the only victims of the plague, our faithful friends are also. Through a bite, an infected mosquito is able to transmit leishmania, a parasite that lives in swamps, pools, rivers, and that causes anorexia, hemorrhage and malnutrition in dogs.

Another very dangerous condition, which is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, is filariasis or worm disease in the heart. This is a worm that usually lodges in the heart of the dog, causing heart failure. The larvae of the worm appear on the skin with the bite of the mosquito, and it is there when they must be completely removed before they penetrate the skin and reach the heart.

General recommendations

The love that pets feel towards us is unconditional, that's why they deserve all our care and attention so that they enjoy well-being and lead a healthy lifestyle. During the spring they increase the chances of suffering from allergies or diseases that must be treated quickly:

  •  Go to the veterinarian if you notice an unusual allergic reaction or sting.
  • Keep your vaccinations up to date.
  • Put on anti-mosquito repellent collars.
  • Use mosquito nets in the windows of the beach or in country houses.
  • Fumigate the areas where the mosquitoes are.
  • Prevent the pet from sleeping on the street or in the grass.
  • Use mosquito repellent plugs inside the house to protect the whole family. In the case of the exterior, use lamps or special candles.
  • Do not walk the dog near rivers or wet places in the afternoon.

We hope these tips are very useful. Do not forget to enter our dog clothes section and see the clothes we have available, ideal to dress your pet this spring.


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