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Obesidad, un epidemia que también afecta a las mascotas


Some health problems that humans suffer, such as diabetes, pulmonary hypertension, respiratory conditions, thyroid disorders, joint problems, cancers and overweight, can also suffer from dogs.

Do you know that currently pets from the United States are above their ideal weight? According to an investigation carried out by the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Pets, 56% of American dogs suffer from obesity. While four out of ten people are obese, according to the latest research from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

And what if we tell you that not only pets from the United States need to lose weight, but also dogs from Spain? The newspaper El País interviewed veterinarians at the Chic Barcelona clinic, who said they have observed overweight in small dogs (and cats too), because of overfeeding given by their owners.

When does the problem begin?

Surely it has happened to you that they are in the kitchen preparing a sandwich and your hairy four-legged friend arrives, moving his tail, he sits in front of you and looks at you with bright eyes. At that moment you share with him a piece of bread, ham, salami or other food that he may like.

Specialists in the area of ​​pet food ensure that this action can not become a way of expressing affection, because it only contributes to poor eating habits and that's when the health and obesity problems begin. In addition, animals should not consume all the food that humans eat since the nutritional needs are different and, some, do not have any nutritional contribution for them.

A veterinarian specializing in nutrition at the University of Minnesota, Julie Churchill, recommends doing a monthly evaluation at home to find out what the weight index of the pet is for the purpose of taking action in case of observing possible overweight. It is based on analyzing the body of the animal from above and from the sides. For example, if when you see it from above you can not see the curve of the waist and when you touch it on the sides, you can not feel the ribs, the animal is not at its ideal weight. On the other hand, when you see the shape of the waist from above and if you can feel the bones of the ribs while caressing it, the animal is on the line.


Stop being overweight!

It is possible to avoid or reverse the problems of overweight in pets, and these are some of the most important recommendations for both cases:

Provide food, snacks and special snacks for pets.
Every day animals must do, at least, between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activities.
The amounts of food should be according to the weight and age of the animal.
Do not succumb to the sad eyes and the tail between your legs every time you are preparing a sandwich.
Give him fresh water regularly.
Avoid showing affection through food, and more if they are not suitable for consumption.
Remember that a healthy dog ​​will have more years of life and will be able to live unique moments with its owners!

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