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9 dog breeds that will become your child's best friend

Hairy, cold-nosed little dogs and padded feet! Dogs, regardless of their breed, are the best friends of the human being; They are faithful, protective, caring and affectionate, above all, with the little ones in the house.
Are you looking for a dog breed that is friendly to live with babies and children? The first thing you should know is that all of them, regardless of their lineage, can adapt themselves in families that have children. If it does not occur naturally, this can be achieved through professional canine training. However, there are races that have characteristics that are compatible with the small ones and that facilitates the coexistence with them. The boys always want to play, therefore, dogs with good temperament and energetic adapt naturally.
Then, we present the best races to accompany your children at home, in the park, on the beach and live together on a day-to-day basis:
• Beagle: They are pure love with children! This breed is characterized by being very attached to the family, despite being a hunting dog from the Hounds. Beagles are usually very playful and somewhat imperative if they do not perform constant physical activities.
• Golden or Labrador Retriever: They are very affectionate, intelligent and playful, they love running and doing activities with balls, frisbee or wooden sticks. They rarely have bad character. They are good companion dogs and easy to train.

Carlino or Pug: Sonaped to their owners, very affectionate and patient with the children of the house, they let themselves be loved! Our recommendation is that, if you intend to integrate a Pug into the home, avoid exposing it to heat, they are sensitive to high temperatures.
Pomerania: The advantage of this breed is that it adapts to small spaces, ideal for families who live in an apartment. They are very protective, intelligent, obedient and playful, that's why they get along so well with children.
Schnauzer: It is one of the dogs that families like the most, because obedience is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the Schnauzer. They are self-confident and have a lot of energy, so they need to do activities constantly. They are not sedentary dogs, so, always be active when playing with the kids.
German Shepherd: They have a high instinct of defense, they will always be alert and they will protect the children from any danger. They are obedient, patient and adapt to any situation. That yes, they require a figure of leadership and a good training. They are phenomenal dogs!
San Bernardo: Despite being intimidating because of their large size, they have a very noble personality, family, and are usually empathetic with children. They are calm and protective, especially with babies. They need to be in a place with a lot of space.
Boxer: They will protect children from strangers, since they are dogs with a strong protective instinct. This breed, despite being hunting, adapts to family environments and is often playful with small ones. They like to do physical activity, they will love to go out and play and run with your children!
Border Collie: It is a caregiving and protective race, easily attach to the little ones and is faithful to their owners and family. As they are herd dogs, it is in their genes to perform physical activities frequently.
Integrating a dog into the family will make you live moments full of happiness, and more if there are children in the home. We are sure that, regardless of the race you choose, you will become a faithful friend of your children and will create emotional bonds that will last a lifetime, you will see that it is very beautiful to have a pet at home!

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